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Unlock new possibilities with NoirSonance EQ6 (b) Plugin.

Are you a music producer, sound engineer, podcaster, or simply an audio enthusiast looking to take your projects to the next level? If so, you’ve stumbled upon the must-have: the NoirSonance EQ6 (b) plugin.

The NoirSonance EQ6 (b) plugin boasts a character that sets it apart from the EQ6 (w).  With six same finely-tuned frequency bands at your disposal, you can effortlessly shape your audio to perfection. Whether you want to emphasize the deep bass grooves at 90Hz, add sparkle to your vocals at 10kHz, or anything in between, this plugin delivers with surgical precision and character.

But character isn’t just about EQ. It’s about depth and warmth. With built-in saturation and compression effects, the NoirSonance EQ6 (b) adds that elusive analog magic to your digital audio.

Making it punchier, warmer, and more immersive. The EQ6 (b) plugin allows you to do just that. Sculpt your audio easily, and hear the difference.

With dynamic control through its compressor, you can tame unruly peaks, add sustain to guitars, or make vocals sit perfectly in the mix. The NoirSonance EQ6 (b) plugin gives you the tools to master your audio’s dynamics, creating a polished, professional sound.

Under the hood is the same EQ6 processing engine but modified to give you a character.

With a classic low cut, you can get rid of unnecessary rumble and with the other 5 bands you can add power to them by boosting the range without getting them out of control

Compared to EQ6 (w), EQ6 (b) has a narrower bell for each band making it more aggressive.


Same controls as in EQ6(w), with a double-click you can enter the custom value:


With Right-Click you can reset the value back to zero:



Use headphones for best reference

Technical Specification

Input Parameters:
The EQ6 plugin has six input parameters, each corresponding to a specific frequency band for equalization, saturation and compression, values are reffered as "Power":

1. 90Hz: This parameter adjusts the amplitude of the 90 Hz frequency band.
2. 60Hz: This parameter adjusts the amplitude of the 60 Hz frequency band.
3. 500Hz: This parameter adjusts the amplitude of the 500 Hz frequency band.
4. 1500Hz: This parameter adjusts the amplitude of the 1500 Hz frequency band.
5. 10kHz: This parameter adjusts the amplitude of the 10 kHz frequency band.
6. 19kHz: This parameter adjusts the amplitude of the 19 kHz frequency band.

The allowable values for these parameters range from -16pw to 16pw, with 0 being the default value.

The parameters are scaled logarithmically, with a step size of 1/32, to allow for precise adjustments.

Processing: The EQ6 applies six filters in series, each corresponding to one of the six frequency bands.
The filters can be bypassed by setting the corresponding input parameter to 0.

The filters and their characteristics are as follows:
1. High-pass filter with a corner frequency of 90 Hz.
2. Peak filter with a center frequency of 60 Hz.
3. Peak filter with a center frequency of 500 Hz.
4. Peak filter with a center frequency of 1500 Hz.
5. Peak filter with a center frequency of 10 kHz.
6. Peak filter with a center frequency of 19 kHz.

The default bandwidth for each filter is 1, and the minimum bandwidth is set to 1/10.
The EQ6 updates its filters each time the input parameters are changed.

Compatibility: The EQ6 (b) is compatible with digital audio workstations (DAWs) on both Windows and macOS platforms.
It operates as a VST3 and AU plugin.
The plugin requires a minimum sample rate of 20 kHz and supports both mono and stereo audio signals.

Saturation: The EQ6 includes a saturation processing feature. The saturation amount can be adjusted by increasing PW control of each band, specific details about these parameters are not provided in this specification.

Compression: The EQ6 have compression processing included, the compression amount is adjusted with PW control for each band, the exact details of the compression algorithm are not described in this specification.

Phasing: The EQ6 does not introduce any additional phase distortion to the audio signal. Each filter stage is implemented using a linear-phase filter.

System Requirements

System Requirements:
Operating System:
– Windows 7 or later
– MacOS 10.11 or later

Intel Core i3 or equivalent, 2 GHz or faster
RAM: 4 GB or more
Disk Space: 50 MB or more

Note: The plugin may work with systems that do not meet these requirements, but we cannot guarantee optimal performance or stability in such cases. It is recommended to use a system that meets or exceeds the listed requirements for the best experience.

Compatibility Info

Compatibility Information:
Operating Systems:
– Windows 7 or later (64-bit)
– MacOS 10.10 or later (64-bit)

Ableton Live 9 or later
– Logic Pro X
– Pro Tools 11 or later
– Cubase 7 or later
– Studio One 3 or later
– Reaper 4 or later

Please note that this plugin may work with other operating systems and DAWs not listed here, but we cannot guarantee its compatibility.
It is recommended that you always check the system requirements of your DAW and operating system to ensure compatibility with this plugin.
If you encounter any compatibility issues, please contact our support team for assistance.


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